Prank Call

Bill Haverchuck  / watercolor / November 2016

Bill Haverchuck / watercolor / November 2016

I love Freaks and Geeks and my favorite character is Bill Haverchuck.

He is labeled a geek at school, gets called names, and is physically abused by his peers. When one of his best friends gets threatened to be beaten up after school, Bill steps in and asks "What's the point of all this?" putting him in the crosshairs as well. He willingly shows up to fight the bully and though he don't exactly win or lose, Bill is proud of sticking up for himself and his friends. 

And when Bill gets fed up being picked last during gym class, he doesn't just sit and home and complain about the system, he fights back by prank calling Coach Fredericks. When he gets caught, he tells Fredericks that it isn't fair how he's been treated and demands change. 

Later on, Bill almost dies when one of his tormentor's jokes goes too far. When the bully is forced to apologize, not only does Bill graciously forgive him but he recognizes the bully's anger came from loneliness and invites him to a sci-fi convention.

Right now there's a lot of fear and hate out there and it's easy to give in to those feelings. But I hope we can all be inspired by Bill, and instead surround ourselves with things we love and fight for the the things we believe in.

Oh, and don't forget how to have a little fun — Come on, shake it! You won't break it!