What the hell is this?

By day, I work in an office.

It's your typical 9-5: emails, meetings, progress reports, waiting in line to use the microwave during the lunch break, more meetings, listening to people discussing what day it feels like...

But by night, I choose to be an artist.

I don't have a studio or fancy materials, and aside from a few drawing classes in college, no formal fine arts training. Of course, you don't need any of this to be an artist, though it sure does add some legitimacy. Professional artists can be intimidating and their work sometimes makes me feel pathetic for even trying. I'm tired of feeling that way. 

Because I'm an artist by night, I'm very impatient. I don't have weekdays to hone any skills, so if I'm not halfway decent at something almost instantly, I tend to give up. I've got a similar problem with boring subject matter - landscapes, sad looking fruit, some old shed? But what if there were better ways to learn? Or more unconventional subject matter to get inspired by? That's something I want to experiment with. 

I'm creating this blog to inspire more people to be artists by night, as well as challenge myself in a very public forum. I'm putting myself out there so perhaps some night, you will decide to pick up a brush and paint that crazy shit you daydreamed about during a meeting or the creature your kid thinks lurks down the bathtub drain. 

Enough with the boring stuff, how about we end with the Many Facets of Roger!

Roger Troutman  / pen and watercolor December 2015

Roger Troutman / pen and watercolor December 2015

Let's get to work - I hope you enjoy your time here.