Self Portrait Challenge!

Pigeon Portrait   / watercolor / March 2016

Pigeon Portrait / watercolor / March 2016

Last week was my eight year wedding anniversary, and I thought it would be fun to paint my husband and I as pigeons. I was always neutral about pigeons up until we had one lay eggs in a flower pot on our balcony. I was curious to know what a baby pigeon looked like and decided to let it stay. Big mistake—our balcony was Shit City for an entire summer and the mother used to dive bomb my face whenever I opened the door. 

ANYWAY. Even though I painted this in an hour, I found it really difficult. Specifically, the part where I had to paint myself. I wouldn't quite call this a self portrait, since there's not a lot of detail and I didn't paint this to make a statement or solve some internal mystery, but this experience made me think...why was it so hard to make?

I think it's because I suck at emotions. Experiencing them, investigating what they mean, expressing them, and recognizing them in others.

I suppose I'm uncomfortable with what I'll see in the mirror when I really start looking at myself. 

One of the reasons I created this blog was to discover more about myself through art, so I'm initiating a challenge to paint a series of self portraits. Since I'm terrible at expressing myself through what I say or write, I should at least try to do it through my art.