Captain's Holiday

Captain's Holiday   / watercolor / March 2016

Captain's Holiday / watercolor / March 2016

Last year my friend SJ and I set out to watch Star Trek TNG in chronological order. We drank our way through several bottles of gin and kept barely legible stats of things we found hilarious – such as how many times each member of the cast adjusted their uniform. Unfortunately, SJ had to move back to England, so we only got as far as Season 2. So SJ, with your undying love for Captain Picard, this painting is dedicated to you.

(Fellow TNG fans might recognize his incredible sunbathing outfit from the episode Captain’s Holiday.)

As for the piece itself, I had to force myself to stop working on it. Picard’s face never looked right – and I still can’t figure out why. I tried adding more lines to his face, but he looked like a terrifying old raisin. I scrubbed out everything, but then he looked like an unrecognizable pre-teen. I was painting, erasing, painting, and erasing so many times that the paper started flaking away. So I had to forgo “perfection” for “good enough.” And I’m actually okay with that. It’s probably the most important thing I’ve learned during the last few months of painting watercolors...time to let go and move on!