Distraction Doodles

Distraction Doodles  / pen / 2016

Distraction Doodles / pen / 2016

Doodling is the BEST lifehack.

Lately I've been incredibly unproductive and distracted. There was so much garbage knocking around inside my head that I had no energy to do what I really love, which is making art. So here's how doodling helped:

I started by drawing a few things that were distracting me, and by doing that I was forced to concentrate on each of those things individually, instead of all at once. It became a form of meditation. For example, see that bicep in there? When I was drawing it, I focused all of my attention on my fitness and sorted out my feelings about being out of shape until I realized, "it's okay, brain, you've got this!" 

Next time I'm feeling overwhelmed, I'll try to doodle that shit out sooner. Not only did it declutter my mind, but it looks pretty cool too.