Lazy Flamingo

Pink Flamingo  / acrylic / 2016

Pink Flamingo / acrylic / 2016

I know, I's been awhile. You should see my impressively long list of excuses, but I'm feeling too lazy to type them out. 

Speaking of laziness, this canvas spent an embarrassing amount of time hanging up in my apartment either completely blank or in various stages of construction. I lied to myself that it was an important part of the creative process to hang up creepy, faceless birds that consistently mocked and disappointed me.

Quit taunting me!

Quit taunting me!

I asked a bunch of friends to come around for a house party, and not wanting to explain its pathetic presence, finally got around to finishing it. 

So after five months, the flamingo is finally done and is something I'm actually quite happy with. The colors are bright and punchy and I can't help running my hands over the textured feathers. 

What is the biggest take away from this experience? Sometimes the best motivator is the fear of mild public humiliation.