Four Hamsters of the Apocalypse

The Four Hamsters of the Apocalypse  / watercolor / April 2016

The Four Hamsters of the Apocalypse / watercolor / April 2016

I love this drawing — it's still making me laugh. And it's all due to a hilarious request I received:

I would love to see The Four Hamsters of the Apocalypse. I just Googled it and it doesn't seem to exist... so far! 
-Tim P.

I love getting requests, the more unusual the better. Sometimes when I sit down to draw, my mind instantly goes blank and my panicked eyes dart around my apartment for inspiration. Uh...cactus! Maybe it's a haunted cactus? No, that's stupid...window! Yeah, it's a haunted window! This shit needs to stop.

So please help eliminate this inane mental dialogue with myself by sending me requests. Shoot me an email ( or contact me through Instagram (@theartistbynight) and let's make some magic!