Bigger on the Inside

Bigger on the Inside  / watercolor / 2016

Bigger on the Inside / watercolor / 2016

My friend Becca is amazing. 

She is a clever, badass geneticist who, among a bevy of impressive talents I won't embarrass her with listing, sews or knits almost all of her clothes. In fact, the dress she's wearing in the painting is one of her creations. If you want to know how awesome she really is, check out her wonderful blog about her crafty adventures called Becca Made That

I don't like to share my sketches and test drawings with people, as I barely spend any time on them and as a result are absolutely terrible. However, since I'm trying to be more open about how I make things, here they are.


I'm not that familiar with Doctor Who, so I started out by looking at a ton of fan art, many of which featured the TARDIS. The straight, simple lines seemed easier to draw than a dalek, so that narrowed down my subject matter.  The sketch on the left is a quick concept drawing of what I wanted to make. 

The drawing on the right is my first attempt, but after penning in the lines, I hated how the galaxy part was shaped like a creepy tooth. Since I was debating between using markers or watercolor, I decided to take the opportunity to test out the two more difficult areas. Grabbing the markers, I colored in Becca's dress pattern and liked how that looked, though the galaxy in marker was horrendous. I think I was expecting them to blend a bit more, instead of blocking together like a navajo pattern

The title of this piece has two meanings. First off, it's a quote from the show, as a bit of a recurring joke. Secondly, when I gave this to Becca for her birthday, she was so happy about how tall I painted her and confessed that in her daydreams, she imagines herself several inches taller. I couldn't resist!