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The Dandelion , July 2016

The Dandelion, July 2016

As I suspected, I have succumbed to the lure of the Wacom drawing tablet and now my once-exciting watercolors are starting to get a bit dusty. 

I still have a lot to learn — not only about how to use the tools and technology, but about my own illustration style. I created two digital pieces in the last week just to experiment with levels of detail and to get a better sense about how much time they take to create.

The Dandelion is a portrait of my friend Ashleigh, based off a photo I snapped of her last year. I wanted to create something as simple as possible (for me, at least — as a classic over-decorator this was a huge challenge!) I traced over the shapes in Illustrator, then exported into Photoshop to add in the various textures. This one only took about 45 minutes to make and I love absolutely everything about it.

Peacock Thoughts , July 2016

Peacock Thoughts, July 2016

Peacock Thoughts is a portrait of my sister Lindsey, based off a few photos on her Instagram feed. This illustration is incredibly detailed and I had to force myself to quit working on it after four hours. This was such a pain to make, partly because it was my first time using only Photoshop brushes the entire time. I use Photoshop every day at work, but never for making art, so it was just like learning the program all over again. Jumping from layer to layer, working from my tablet, then keyboard, then mouse, constantly switching brushes, colors and opacity just ended up really frustrating me. I'm happy with how it turned out, especially for my first go at Photoshop, though I probably won't be up for this much detail in future illustration.

One fun thing about Photoshop layers is being able to isolate the layers so you can see how it was made. Enjoy!

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