Baby's First Digital Illustration

Lake Louise  / digital illustration / July 2016

Lake Louise / digital illustration / July 2016

Feast your eyes on my very first digital illustration! 

So you might know I've challenged myself to make art every day this month, and at the same time, try out some new techniques and styles. I never really got into digitizing illustrations because it seemed too much like cheating. If you can just click undo whenever you make a mistake or resample a new color if something isn't the right shade, wouldn't it take away the risk and adventure out of making art?

However, some of my favorite things on Instagram and Pinterest are digital, and I've been craving to make something with all those gorgeous layers of oh-so-sexy texture. So I gave in — I'm a cheater. And holy shit, I love it. 

This is Lake Louise in Banff National Park in Alberta. Some friends and I stopped here last summer on our road trip through the Rockies and it's one of those places that is so picturesque, you just want to throw up from all the majesty. I was reminiscing about it this weekend, and thought to base my first illustration off of a photo from the trip. I probably should have gone for something a bit more simple, as four hours is a long time to spend on something you aren't quite sure will turn out, but I apparently just really like to make things difficult. 

I also really dig the minimal collage style that was almost unintentional. The perfectionist in me wanted to trace out every single tree and mountain crevice, though being adamant on getting the illustration done in one day forced me to simplify. 

I can't WAIT to make more!