July Challenge Review

July Art / Make Art Every Day Challenge / The Artist By Night

Well, I'm a little behind in my blogging due to a superbly insane July but I'm here now to report how my Make Art Every Day challenge went. 

Baby Antelope  / mixed media / July 2016

Baby Antelope / mixed media / July 2016

So let's look back on July — how did I do on making art every single day that month?

  • 17 pieces in 31 days for a 55% success rate.
  • 10 of those pieces were responding to daily prompts from a few different sources on Instagram (I got bored after awhile – they weren't very interesting)
  • My longest streak was 9 days

Here's why I'm not disappointed in that 55% success rate. After I started falling behind and realized this daily thing wasn't going to happen, I changed my attitude to "How about I just experiment a little?"

Princess Leia  / watercolor / July 2016

Princess Leia / watercolor / July 2016

This month for the first time ever, I used India ink, colored pencils, gouache, and made digital illustrations in both Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. I drew from nature, painted a pattern, made a self portrait and tried some mixed media layering. I painted in the early morning, extremely late at night, and on my lunch break at the library or in the case of Princess Leia up there, in the empty conference room at work. 

Kiwi Pattern / watercolor / July 2016

Kiwi Pattern/ watercolor / July 2016

Another thing I learned was to not be such a perfectionist and let loose a little. Those 17 days I did produce some art were quite stressful enough and I was more worried about getting it posted on Instagram than how good it looked. This is a lesson I desperately needed. So often I spend too much time restarting a painting because I made a small mistake or editing more than I care to admit in Photoshop. It felt very free to put something out there, in it's raw, unaltered state.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer   / watercolor / July 2016

Buffy the Vampire Slayer / watercolor / July 2016

Even though I didn't make my goal, I've learned so much over the last month. These new mediums and methods have ignited my imagination and I loved breaking out of the conventional idea that it must be created in the comfort of my own home. Later this year, hopefully I'll attempt another month-long daily challenge, but I still feel like I can call July a roaring success.

Some Pig  / watercolor / July 2016

Some Pig / watercolor / July 2016