Pacific Northwest

Circus Party  sitting at home on my shelf

Circus Party sitting at home on my shelf

When I first moved to Vancouver, I found a couple of canvases next to the dumpster and thus began my geometric period. It was pretty much the best thing that could have happened to someone who was unemployed and had a lot of blank walls. At this point in life, I spent my days playing Skyrim and drawing in crayons for Free Crappy Portraits, so a geometric acrylic painting was a refreshing change. 

I really like this painting for it's simplicity and punches of fun colors — though I guess that's obvious since after five years it's still featured so prominently in my apartment. Part of the reason might be how some days it annoys me how the triangles are bleeding off the sides unevenly and other days I think that flaw gives the painting more character and interest. 

Up until writing this post, I've always referred to it as "that triangle painting" but to avoid confusion, I'm christening it "Circus Party" based on how the colors make me feel.

One edge of  Circus Party

One edge of Circus Party

My sister Amy has been asking me for years to make her a painting in this style, and after all this time I've finally gotten around to it. Not only do I get Awesome Sister points but I got to try improving the precision of the triangles that I've always been conflicted about. 

Amy moved to Portland almost exactly one year ago, so my color palette is what I'd consider "Pacific Northwest" with lots of blues and greens.

Pacific Northwest  is such a little cutie!

Pacific Northwest is such a little cutie!

I love this little guy! The extra time I spent with various rulers was worth it and is extremely pleasing to the eye. I also made the decision to only use eight mostly subdued colors instead of the twelve occasionally hectic ones used for Circus Party, so Pacific Northwest is much more mature and less cluttered.

Usually I don't care to revisit something I've already done, but I'm so glad I did. Creating Pacific Northwest has been a pretty good metaphor for where I'd like to be as an artist — more thoughtful, detailed and realizing when to live by "less is more."

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