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Secret Life  / digital / March 2017

Secret Life / digital / March 2017

A lot has been going on with me the last few months and I've been feeling paralyzed on how to address it on my blog. I started this blog with a few well-intended goals, and one of those was an attempt to document the discovery of "MY STYLE!"

I will do my best to backtrack and try to explain myself in future posts, but for today I need to just forage on. If I don't, I will lose my nerve again and this blog will just die a quiet death and so will a piece of my sanity. So let's just jump to NOW!

Death's Cradle  / marker / April 2017

Death's Cradle / marker / April 2017

Lately I've been listening to a lot of Horror and True Crime podcasts (favorites are Last Podcast on the Left for the former and In The Dark for the latter) and that is definitely coming coming out in my work — and I welcome it! Something about it feels right.

Some of my most vivid memories are my first encounters with horror and true crime - reading Helter Skelter and The Shining at a VERY young age or my brain filling up with creepy excitement after watching episodes of X Files or Unsolved Mysteries. I'm fascinated by skeletons, demons, witches, ghosts — and every few months I desperately search for taxidermy classes in my area (it's just something I don't think I could learn from YouTube videos... and where the hell do you get the animal specimens?!)

Enjoy my take on the macabre — or just come check back in a few months where I might be into something even more weird.

Last Known Whereabouts  / gouache / February 2017

Last Known Whereabouts / gouache / February 2017