An Apology

Lady Croton   / gouache / October 2017

Lady Croton  / gouache / October 2017

Well, shit.

I've been a terrible blogger and I sincerely apologize to anyone still lurking around in the shadows. The whole point of this blog was to inspire people express themselves creatively after a long day at work without the stigma of not being "a professional artist." And then there I go, falling into the trappings of feeling inadequate and telling myself I am too busy with other things as a mechanism to disguise those negative thoughts.  

So, time to stop beating myself up and get back to what I love. I really miss painting (it's been five months since I've even attempted anything!) so I just need to strangle that critiquing demon in my head and just get back to work.

Here's a quick recap of what I've been doing the last year, all of which will be future blog posts:

  • Took a pottery course
  • Took a woodworking course (I was terrible)
  • Tried out oil painting 
  • Got to see some of my illustrations produced in letterpress (SO COOL!)
  • Taught myself embroidery 

See ya soon!